GPSxxxx.jad/jar on Adroid 2.3.3 (Huawei Sonic

  • Jerry of Oz

    Jerry of Oz - 2012-06-07


    I've downloaded GpsMidWA-0.7.7-map69.jad and .jar  to my SD card and get the message "No apps on SD card"

    I used the instructions from and downloaded the .jad/.jar files onto the root directory of my SD card.

    What further steps do I need to do to install the app on my Hawei Sonic?


  • sk750

    sk750 - 2012-06-08

    On Android the jar must be renamed to .zip and stored as external map source on the sd card. (Select in GpsMid: Setup / Map Source). The program itself for Android is the .apk file from GpsMid nightlies.


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