#25 Requests for Scope Window.


I find the Scope Window very useful, but I wish to suggest some features that can improve its use:
1) name aliasing or labeling for the signal; now the signal name shown in the Scope Window is the same as the pin to which the scope is attached; I think it can be useful to assign a label to the signal when shown in the window, ex:
scope.ch0 = "pinb0"
scope.ch0.label = "Enable Line"
so, when the signal "pinb0" is shown in the Scope Window, its label is "Enable Line";
2) clear the Scope Window when the simulation is reset;
3) store the waves in a file;
4) increase the number of channels (at least from the stc file);
5) show the timetable in useconds instead of in thick numbers (at least setting the preferences in the stc file, ex scope.timeline = thick/seconds);
6) insert and delete mark lines.



  • Nobody/Anonymous

    WRT item #1, signal names could possibly be automatically retrieved from source code if there are any relevant assignments?

  • wibix

    wibix - 2008-09-28

    hi - i am not from the gpsim dev team - pls keep this in mind!
    [source files: http://wibix.de/dl/scope.zip\]

    1) using the scope files i attached you can add a label to the signals like this:
    scope.ch0 = "porta2|SDA"
    2) looks like there is not RESET signal in the gui. trying to resolve this manualy failes because on RESET the clock is not resetted. so, isnt available.
    3) i ll try to add this - should be fairly simple.
    4) this could be done. but the setting should be done before all the other scope-lines.
    5) i not checked this yet, but will check if i can read the settings from the MAIN GUI when you can set it.
    6) can be done in my scope version.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    thanks for providing this!!



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