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i know from my assembly language projects that the 'Source Browser' window displays a little (green) arrow that points to the line which is going to be executed next. it seems that once this feature could also be used with c code as shows an article by micah carrick (http://www.micahcarrick.com/pic-c-programming-linux.html ).

i was trying to compile and simulate the source code which is given there and i did that exactly as described on this page with gpsim 0.23 / 0.25 and the most recent gpsim version from SVN. the problem is that i can still load .cod files with gpsim and i can even simulate it, the source browser shows the C source code but it doesn't display the current execution point (little green arrow) any more. debugging doesn't really make that much sense without having this feature.

interestingly in piklab which utilizes gpsim for simulating and debugging projects i get such a 'step pointer' displayed on the code and i can even set breakpoints on the c-code (even after compiling). however i can't have gpsim load additional modules like the USART-module and i don't get that very handy breadboard view and many other things. so i need to use gpsim directly and i need to get the execution arrow feature on gpsim's source browser.

could the lack of that feature be caused by some misconfiguration or was it dropped at some point? ( if so, why was it dropped?) is there a chance to get it back? any other suggestions?

thanks in advance!


  • Ralf Forsberg

    Ralf Forsberg - 2010-12-17

    I see the same thing. There are two problems.
    One minor problem is that the .line format has changed. I can fix that.

    The other problem is that the cod file generated by sdcc does not contain .asm file references or addresses.
    Without those gpsim wont work even in regular asm mode, afaik.

    / Ralf

  • Roy Rankin

    Roy Rankin - 2011-03-19

    I have tried the toggle_led.c program compiled with sdcc 3.0.0 with current SVN of gpsim and as long as I do not use --debug on the sdcc compile It works for me. The current instruction pointer just shows up as > and is not green. Note that there is a bug report in sdcc about the issue with the --debug flag.

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    Anonymous - 2012-01-04

    I was having the same problem and i think i just fixed it by using --debug-xtra instead of --debug while compiling the c file.

    That is:

    sdcc --debug-xtra -mpic14 --use-non-free -p16f628a file_name.c

    I hope it helps. My information source was the sdcc 3.1.1 manual page 69.


  • Roy Rankin

    Roy Rankin - 2014-05-17
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