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Version 0.59 in CVS

Maintenance relese, see changes

Posted by dzach 2007-06-27

Version 0.58

Version 0.58 is in the cvs.
Please notice that there has been a License change from BSD to GPL.

Changes are listed in the changes.txt file

Posted by dzach 2005-08-28

version 0.57 is in the CVS

Added more gui comments and corected a bug in the period verification proc.

Posted by dzach 2005-06-27

gpsfeed+ Sourceforge hosting

gpsfeed+ has moved to sourceforge to make use of its advanced source and bug/support features, people have been asking for.

Check/browse the CVS repository for newer versions of the source code that is not yet released in binary form.

Please use Sourceforge's facilities for monitoring gpsfeed+ progress and news.

Posted by dzach 2005-06-27