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gpsdrive-2.11 released

After a number of years improving, we've finally put an end to the 2.10pre stable series and released a full 2.11. This release boasts support for modern Linuxes, support for new versions of Gpsd, better POI database (both Postgres and Sqlite), new helper scripts, and corrected OpenStreetMap tile georeferencing.

You should delete any old OSM tiles@home tiles you had previously downloaded from your ~/.gpsdrive collection as their georeferencing information is bogus.... read more

Posted by Hamish B 2010-07-08

gpsdrive-2.10pre7 released

This is mostly a cleanup & bugfix release, in preparation for the upcoming 2.10 stable.

Note: requires openstreetmap-map-icons-minimal.tar.gz


Posted by Hamish B 2009-06-18

GpsDrive Wiki relaunched

After a long wait the GpsDrive wiki has been relaunched in all its MediaWiki glory and includes updated and all new content.

You can enjoy it at:

A wiki is a collaborative help site. As GpsDrive is purely a non-profit public project we depend on the help of our users for writing documentation (and even writing the program!). If you'd like to help out or have some tips to share, just create yourself a SourceForge account, login, and go for it!... read more

Posted by Hamish B 2008-11-21

gpsdrive-2.10pre6 released

Posted by Hamish B 2008-08-30

New Bug/Wish tracker launched

We will be using SourceForge's Bug/Wish tracker:

It is unknown at this point if the old Bugzilla bugs can be imported, or for that matter even retrieved for archival purposes.

Posted by Hamish B 2008-08-13

SVN moved to SourceForge

The development and website SVNs have been moved to SourceForge. Details here:

Posted by Hamish B 2008-08-13

gpsdrive-2.10pre5 released

What's new: Mapnik, OSM and POI support are working

Source code:

Main download page:

Posted by Hamish B 2008-08-13


gpsdrive-2.10pre4 is ready for download. After (only ;-) five years of waiting, we have a new pre-release.

Posted by Jörg Ostertag 2007-09-15

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