On Sat, Dec 29, 2012 at 3:36 PM, Jason Slagle <raistlin@tacorp.net> wrote:
Not that I'm advocating bringing a giant library in for one purpose,

That's why I'm first trying to understand what that purposeis.  If it's to address a position issue that's way beyond the precision of GPS anyway and it only affects a conversion between an obscure Palm/OS format that nobody has used in ten years and an aviation GPS that approximately 0% of our users own and it's only an issue at the poles, I would recommend just dismissing this issue.

I'm more interested in solving real world problems than academic ones.

I've not looked at the patch in full, but the fact that it's 300+K while zipped implies that it's not small.   If we're just fixing one formula in Jeeps for better resolution - especially in a corner case - that's a very heavyweight fix.
what's the issue with MIT?  It's comptatible with the GPL (It's MORE
open), and can be sublicensed with attribution I believe.

MIT is indeed very open. Charles' offer to tweak the license is kind. The issue is that it's different and it thus changes OUR license.  As GPSBabel is used in many, many other projects (probably somewhere between "many dozens" and "a couple hundred") the trickle-down is substantial.   For compliance, Google (Earth)[1], Magellan (VantagePoint) GSAK, and many others would have to re-evaluate terms, and potentially change their product to accomodate an additional license.   All the Linux vendors would have to tweak their licenses in their packages. Some may have to distribute and display an additional license text, possibly translated, for example.   We might have to change our installers to display an additional license.

I'm not saying "no" and I'm not trying to be difficult.  I'm just trying to ensure that we understand this is kind of a big deal and we should have a good reason for doing it.  Changing our license isn't something we should be flippant about.

I'm probably having flashbacks to several years ago when a Linux vendor (that happily redistributed GPSBabel in their commercial OS while never contributing anything back to us) sent lawyers to hassle us (which, as a practical matter, means "me") because we had an internal conflict with a license with another third party project we used.  Olaf and I wound up rewriting the (admittedly minor) portions of that project from scratch just to avoid the issue.  That was time and soul we spent writing code that worked just like the code we had (from an author that even said he didn't care) just to stay in the same place while defending ourselves from someone profiting from our work.   Not good times.


[1] Maybe. Earth actually uses a subset of GPSBabel.  They don't bundle our Palm/OS formats of most of our filters, for example.  They are the reason for the MINIMAL/MAXIMAL manifests.  


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