Feel free to send him or her our way.  Translate.google.com makes the world a smaller place and programmers tend to speak in code anyway.  

I looked at the download (which, incidentally, is not compliant with our GPL license...) and see the string

USB support is not available in this build.

so it looks like that developer did not tackle the USB layer that's used for the Garmin and Delorme devices.  The Skytraq he describes is actually a serial device to us.   So while that won't get you over the finish line with a Garmin protocol device, wusel is closer to having it than we are. 

On Sun, Nov 18, 2012 at 12:39 PM, kl_ax <kl_ax@yahoo.de> wrote:
Am So 18.11.2012 19:27, schrieb Robert Lipe:
> On Sun, Nov 18, 2012 at 9:44 AM, auflauf <kl_ax@yahoo.de> wrote:
> Robert Lipe-4 wrote:
>>>>> Hello, will gpsbabel run on android devices?
>>>> I've not come up with any use case that makes sense for the development
>>>> cost required to do it.
>>>> If you have an even vaguely modern, ...and Garmin protocol devices just don't make enough sense to fund the development for it.
> Just to make sure that I got it right: there is no android-based gpsbabel
> and there will probably never be one (for the reasons you stated), there
> is no fork and no port and nothing to run gpsbabel on an android device?
> Background: I want to access an Garmin 496 (this is one of the >2000€ more
> than 4 years old devices that don't mount as mass storage, while
> communication via the Ubuntu version works fine).
> I have no record of this, so I don't know who you're quoting...
> Update: someone at android-hilfe.de successfully compiled and run gpsbabel
> on an android tablet (Odys xpress, OS 2.3x).
> What are the odds that a Garmin Protocol-USB-Device (GPSMAP 496)
> http://www.gpsbabel.org/htmldoc-development/fmt_garmin.html like mentioned
> here  will be accessible via gpsbabel if it runs on an android device?
> That is: does GPSBabel needs anything in form of drivers, Kernel modules
> etc. to access Garmin devices or is it "self contained"?

> Since we didn't do that work and it wasn't contributed back to us, we have
> no way of knowing what that "someone" produced.
> As I said earlier, "all" it would take would be a version of Android that
> supports USB host (which came late in Honeycomb/3.0 - well after 2.3), a
> device that supports it, and someone to work out the issues with either
> hooking to
> http://developer.android.com/guide/topics/connectivity/usb/host.html via
> JNI or a native implementation, perhaps through libusb which we already
> provide a lower layer for.
> All it takes is a person motivated to do it.  I'm not that person, but if
> you know someone that's done it and wants to give it back to the project
> (after all, building on the work of others is supposed to be the whole
> point of open source...) I'd help them integrate it so it's available to
> future users.
Thanks Robert, the forum is in German, "someone" posts under the
username 'wusel' and is a regular.

I'll forward your mail to him.

Kind regards