Thanx. Applied.  I think this about gets us caught up.

On Sat, Dec 8, 2012 at 6:56 PM, tsteven4 <> wrote:
coastexp crashed in a degenerate case when a route had no marks.

test-all is enhanced with tallying up of various error types.  they can optionally be judged to drive exist status.    Judgement is based on fatal errors only.  At this point judgement is not turned on in the makefile.  The rejudge option is there because the output of test-all is very verbose.   It leaves the door open to toss the test-all output and then rejudge.

Here is the current tally output:
Fatal Error Cases:
cmd(139)***: ./gpsbabel -w -i geoniche -f /tmp/gbbb/gb-test-all/w-enigma.geoniche -o enigma -F /tmp/gbbb/gb-test-all/w-enigma.geoniche.enigma
cmd(139)***: ./gpsbabel -w -i quovadis -f /tmp/gbbb/gb-test-all/w-enigma.quovadis -o enigma -F /tmp/gbbb/gb-test-all/w-enigma.quovadis.enigma
cmd(139)***: ./gpsbabel -r -i enigma -f /tmp/gbbb/gb-test-all/r-enigma -o enigma -F /tmp/gbbb/gb-test-all/r-enigma.enigma
cmd(134)***: ./gpsbabel -t -i lowranceusr4 -f /tmp/gbbb/gb-test-all/t-igc.lowranceusr4 -o igc -F /tmp/gbbb/gb-test-all/t-igc.lowranceusr4.igc
cmd(139)***: ./gpsbabel -w -i geoniche -f /tmp/gbbb/gb-test-all/w-naviguide.geoniche -o naviguide -F /tmp/gbbb/gb-test-all/w-naviguide.geoniche.naviguide
cmd(139)***: ./gpsbabel -w -i quovadis -f /tmp/gbbb/gb-test-all/w-naviguide.quovadis -o naviguide -F /tmp/gbbb/gb-test-all/w-naviguide.quovadis.naviguide
cmd(134)***: ./gpsbabel -t -i lowranceusr4 -f /tmp/gbbb/gb-test-all/t-pocketfms_bc.lowranceusr4 -o pocketfms_bc -F /tmp/gbbb/gb-test-all/t-pocketfms_bc.lowranceusr4.pocketfms_bc
cmd(134)***: ./gpsbabel -t -i lowranceusr4 -f /tmp/gbbb/gb-test-all/t-stmsdf.lowranceusr4 -o stmsdf -F /tmp/gbbb/gb-test-all/t-stmsdf.lowranceusr4.stmsdf

Error Summary:
tests with errors and/or unexpected output: 376
  tests without error but with unexpected output: 49
  tests with non-fatal errors: 319
  tests with fatal errors: 8
total tests: 21375

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