This is not something that GPSBabel offers.  If you're interested in a custom version that adds this, contact me for custom development quotes.

On Sat, Jul 6, 2013 at 4:38 PM, Chat <> wrote:
Thanks for the hints - I was hoping to get the one simple map I need without coding, you already have it created in the preview, is there no way to save that html and reuse it?


On 06.07.2013, at 23:35, Robert Lipe <> wrote:

Google Maps and Google Maps API are related, but different products.  We use the latter.  Earth certainly has no 100 point limit; I regularly run many thousands of placemarks in Earth.  With many tens of thousands all in the viewport and that aren't in a regionated tree, it does admittedly get groggy.  Fusion Tables are better suited to large data sets.

The map we build in gui/map.cpp isn't anything terribly clever.  If you're trying to build and publish your own, you're much better starting off with a an example that's not in C++.

On Fri, Jul 5, 2013 at 10:24 AM, Chat <> wrote:

Goal: Have a  google map in my website exactly like the GPSBabel preview map looks like.

I have been converting a csv list of GPS waypoints to create a google map, with GPSBabel.

I assumed I could convert to kml, then load that kml to Google maps or earth, and see the track the waypoints produce, or at least the waypoints.

Sadly, it seems google maps and earth both have a 100 waypoints limit per layer/ import.

I tried gpsvisualizer, but its ugly in comparison to the great preview Google Map GpsBabel shows.

Now my question: Can I save the GPSBabel Preview map somehow, or create exactly the same map (ideally the track or route version?)

I dug into the sourcecode but failed. I assume I would just need to save the html you guys provide for preview somehow?


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