What do you mean, "nothing is happening"?  What's in o.gpx?  If GPSBabel succeeds, silence is the norm; it's not like it plays trumpets for doing what you asked.  It puts the points in o.gpx and calls it a day.

The most common source of problems with the poly filter is having polys that aren't closed.  If the first and last points aren't the same or you have zany overlaps (unlikely a problem at a coarse scale of the U.S., but entirely possible if you're trying to be clever with HI and AK) you're going to have a bad time.

Assuming that o.gpx doesn't contain the points from i.gpx that are withing filter.txt and you're confident that filter.txt is reasonable, show us all the files involved so we can either guide you or debug it.

As for it being in the GUI, no, the polygon filter is not exposed in the filters section these days.

On Mon, Jun 24, 2013 at 6:46 PM, Greg <web@web.knobby.ws> wrote:
Continuing a thread started on Yahoo.Original question was running from the command line.

/Applications/... isn't in your PATH. Either add it, or tell your shell to
run it in place if that's your current directory by giving an absolute or
full path, e.g. ./gpsbabel ... And what you're describing is probably
easy in the GUI. I would show you how easy, but the command you are trying
to run is definitely not reading or writing a Garmin device, so I can't
tell you the buttons to push.

OK, got rid of the gpsbabel not found error by changing bash profile.

But now nothing is happening. No errors; almost immediately get a new line after hitting Return. Here is the command again.

gpsbabel -i gpx -f "/Users/gscar/Documents/GPS-Maps-docs/Waypoints to import to 60CSx US only 2013.06.24.z.gpx" -x polygon,file="/Users/gscar/Documents/GPS-Maps-docs/GPSBabel Filters/US-CA filter.txt" -o gpx -F "/Users/gscar/Documents/GPS-Maps-docs/WayPoints USonly.y.gpx"

or simplified without long file names. Goal is to select only waypoints in US ( I used a crude polygon which is good enough for my purposes)

gpsbabel -i gpx -f "i.gpx" -x polygon,file="/Users/gscar/Documents/GPS-Maps-docs/GPSBabel Filters/US-CA filter.txt" -o gpx -F "o.gpx"

Another point: I seem to remember you could do this kind of thing with the GUI version once upon a time. In any case is it possible to do this now?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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