For at least some Garmins, it's not possible even if you write a new program...

The eTrex just plain doesn't have a way to delete waypoints from the host computer.  Even Garmin's own software won't do it.

For at least some the USB devices, there's a way to get the serial number, but eTrex is serial.  Some of the eTtex BLAH devices are USB, but it doesn't sound like that'll help.


On Tue, Nov 13, 2012 at 6:32 AM, Reg <> wrote:
On 12 November 2012 16:11, Juan Carlos Galarza Roca
<> wrote:

> I need to do 2 things via command line:

Although I'm a great fan of the command line and the way I use
GPSBabel, I don't think it's possible without writing a new program.

> 1.- After extracting waypoints from a Garmin Etrex, I need to remove or
> delete those waypoints or all of them from my device.

Just use the feature provided on the Etrex as I do, to delete unwanted

> 2.- How do I get the serial number or device ID from command line?

Not available, without a new program.  But why would you need that?
Use MapSource or dare I mention it, BaseCamp!


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