For time and alt, Use an output format that includes that into such as unicsv or build your own custom via our style stuff.

We don't store detailed sat info. We're concerned mostly with location.

On Oct 2, 2012 5:11 AM, "Ilan Levy" <> wrote:
Win 7 64bit, GPSBabel 1.4.4
I have a file created by Arknav K-18U in NMEA format that I want to convert to csv. I am testing with the GUI, but eventually would like to use the command line. 
The problem is that I only get the lat-long but nothing else. I would like to get all the info available in the original file (time, altitude, no. of satellites, etc)

Here are the first few lines of the original file:
1577049838 0000003198
Mark #00002
3198057423 0000003198
1067383374 0000003198
1056922366 0000003198

This is the command issued by the GPSBabel:

gpsbabel -w -i nmea,gprmc=1,gpgga=1,gpvtg=1,gpgsa=1,date=20120903,get_posn=0,append_positioning=0,gisteq=0,ignore_fix=1 -f D:/Data/120903.txt -o csv,snwhite=0,snupper=0,snunique=0,prefer_shortnames=0,datum=WGS 84 -F D:/Data/120903.csv

Translation successful

This is the output:

32.65978, 35.10629, 

32.65979, 35.10628, 

32.65979, 35.10628, 

32.65979, 35.10628, 

32.65978, 35.10628, 

32.65980, 35.10627, 

32.65981, 35.10626, 


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