This is kind of radical in GPSBabel history.  We add formats, but rarely delete them.  It's housecleaning time and we need to know if some of our oldest fossils are still in use. If you use any of the above, please speak up now - and soon.

HSA Endeavour

This format is about to need several hours of development time to keep it alive.  I'm skeptical that anyone is actually using it.  If you care about this format, please pipe up now.

It was contributed nine years ago by what appears to have been an employee of the company that made it.

That company doesn't seem to exist any longer.  Mails to the author have been unanswered since 2004.

Web searches for this format (even in an anonymous tab, so it's not "poisoned" with my obvious association with GPSBabel) turn up mostly references to GPSBabel and programs that are using GPSBabel - and a depressing number of them are programs that are violating GPSBabel's licensing terms, sigh.

When I committed it, I asked for additional test files to improve coverage.  That didn't happen, so sweeping changes in this format would be awkward as we can't really test for regressions.

All the GPSBabel mailing list traffic that I can find that refer to this format are either in cargo-cult changes or essentially automated changes.  I can't find evidence that a single user has asked a single question about it since it was added in 2004.   That means either it's always worked perfectly and it's fulfilled every users's needs or that nobody is using it.

If I don't hear from a couple of users that this format is vitally important to them (important enough that you can provide reference files, help with testing, update docs, etc.)  by this weekend, it's getting chopped.

Coastal Explorer 

Coastal Explorer is in a similar situation; I can't tell that anyone is actually *using* it, but at least that product looks to still be shipping.   Does anybody care about Coastal Explorer?


Palm/OS was in decline when I started this project in 2001, but there was enough data stored in Palm/OS files that it made sense for us to support them as devices like Treo propped them up until the early/mid 2000's.  My inclination is that any interesting data trapped in these formats has already been liberated or forgotten by now.

Cetus, Copilot, Coto, GCDB, Geoniche, gpilots, gpspilot, msg_pdb, magnav, mapopolis, palmdoc, pathaway, pdbfile, quovadis are in this category.  If you use any of these formats, please speak up now.

For all of these formats, I'd probably keep the source in the tree, move it to a "deprecated" directory, and just remove them from the build files and doc, making them easy to add back later if the HandSpring world rises up a year from now.  I won't continue to provide old builds of GPSBabel that support these formats; removed means removed. While most of these are "just" dead weight, HSA Endeavor is about to cost us to keep, so it's the one I want to cut most.  If you speak up for a format, be prepared to help us in testing and working through issues.

I'm not sure this is where the knife starts cutting, but this is a starting place.  This poll closes Sunday night.