On Thu, Apr 19, 2012 at 10:43 AM, Guillaume <yaumgui_b@yahoo.fr> wrote:
The unit doesn't show up as a disk drive so I don't know what kind of format it uses.
Apparently this model use the SiRF Star III Low Power chipset.
It seems that it is the same chipset as the Garmin GPS.

It's not the receiver chipset that matters; it's the device protocol presented to the host.  For example, there is a SirRF binary protocol used by a lot of the loggers.  Some use it unchanged, but most mess with it in some screwy and incompatible way.  Garmin used to use SS3, but doesn't present that to the USB hose at all, they use Garmin protocol with is a USB mutation of the serial protocol they used long before Sirf became prominent.   

So until someone reverse engineers (maybe they provide doc, but vendors rarely do) and implements support for that device, I'd say we don't support it.




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I don't recognize that unit as something we specifically support nor do I recognize the pictures as another device rebranded. It's possible that they use the same chipset/protocol as something else, but you'd have to research that.  Does the unit show up as a disk drive on your system, perhaps with "normal" file formats like NMEA or GPX stashed on it?

Of course there's a chance for it to be in the next version.  All it takes is a motivated programmer to do the work and submit it.


On Thu, Apr 19, 2012 at 7:44 AM, Guillaume <yaumgui_b@yahoo.fr> wrote:

I have a GPS Mobile Action : IGoTU GT-800 Pro : http://global.mobileaction.com/product/product_i-gotU_GT-800pro.jsp and I would like to make it work on linux (Fedora 16 or debian SID). I tried GPSBabel but I didn't see the format in the list so I don't know wich command I have to use to communicate with my GPS.

My question is : is there a format compatible with my GPS ? and if not, is there a chance to have it in the next version of GPSBabel ?

Thank you


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