Hello to all,
I'm using GPSBabel since 2006 and had never a problem. I also have never seen GPSBabel, because I use it under the hood of GSAK.
Only since last week, I was more interested in GPSBabel, because it crashes every time I try to use is. First the situation:
Computer: Windows 8 Pro (64-bit)
Software : GSAK
GPSBabel: GPSBabel Version 1.4.3-beta20120114 (included in GSAK)
GPS: Garmin GPSmap 62s (software 4.30)
Cmdline: "C:\PROGRA~2\gsak\gpsbabel.exe"† -N -i xcsv,style="C:\PROGRA~2\gsak\GSAK.STL" -f "E:\Gebruikers\Jeroen\AppData\Roaming\gsak\babel.txt" -vs -o garmin -F usb:
Trying to convert 1500 geocaches to my GPS: Crash
Trying 5 geocaches: again an crash.
From commandprompt: crash
From an elevated commandprompt: crash
And now I donít know what to do.
I've uploaded a little zip with the following info:
- Procmon log
- babel.txt from GSAK
- garmindevice.xml (last file opened by GPSBabel)
You may download it from: https://www.wetransfer.com/dl/Y3AP1KPm/6cc7275c2d314235634ff9eff4761ead27e56a6928ea9d469f50e81748ba7ba03fe6aebc6242a50
It†will be there till the 19th of november.
As extra info, the information from the eventlog:
Please help.
Thanks in advance,