2013/8/5 Robert Lipe <robertlipe@gpsbabel.org>

On Sun, Aug 4, 2013 at 5:19 PM, Conrad Meyer <cse.cem@gmail.com> wrote:

>gpsbabel -i google -f ${REFERENCE}/google_multisegment.js -o gpx -F ${TMPDIR}/google.out
>compare ${REFERENCE}/google_multisegment.gpx ${TMPDIR}/google.out

This one produces a segfault in libc malloc() and after banging my head against it for a couple hours, I've given up for now. No idea why this happens.

Valgrind stands a good chance of helping to flush this one out. 

Yes, valgrind is definitively THE tool to investigate such default. Nevertheless, SEGFAULT in malloc is generally due to:
- double free (free a memory already freed)
- mix between allocation functions (mix of C and C++ allocation functions, like allocating data with malloc and freeing with delete operator, or perhaps with Qt related functions)

As you recently moved from C to C++, the second solution seems a good first class candidate.

I'm sorry not being able to help you more, but I'm too far from a development station.

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