2012/12/17 Robert Lipe <robertlipe@gpsbabel.org>

That looks like a very different service.  The 'google' format has been broken for a long time and was on my list to remove for the last few releases.

So new devel can occur directly in this file (google.c)?
We have infrastructure in place for reading XML, but not JSON, so that would be an easier place to start.  The XML seems to have a lot of stuff that we just don't have a place to put, but a straight-forward rip that just captures leg/step/start_location/{lat_lon} pairs probably has value.  It looks like it likes to think of "legs" (a line with two points) where we fundamentally think of an array of points, so there's a little bit of busy work required to suppress the dupes if you do the "obvious" thinkg of adding both start and end of each leg as a point to us.  It's probably not a very hard problem and even if you don't solve it at all, it's probably still useful; it'll just have more points than it should and wouldn't handle multi-segment routes as well as it could.   Neither are particularly shameful or common.

What I understood, reading example, is the following. The XML contains at least 2 informations:
- a simple (see tag polyline_overview)
- a detailed, where route is split in many segments (probably for multi-modal route or driving informations)
All data (overview and segments) are finelly encoded with Google Polyline.

The XML can also contain many alternative routes. Don't know if it is interesting to support. Perhaps with an option.

Perhaps can I provide an option for "google" format so user can decided to have only a single track (overview) or multiple tracks (one per segment).

You can look at any of sourc efiles including "xmlgeneric.h" for examples, and we'll answer anything we can to help you get it developed and integrated. 

OK, thanks. I will do. For base source, I will use version 1.4.3.

On Sun, Dec 16, 2012 at 3:11 PM, Guilhem Bonnefille <guilhem.bonnefille@gmail.com> wrote:

Since few month, the web service Google Direction change its API and, most of all, its output format.[1]
Does someone work on this topic?
I'm quite able to give an help, if no-one else work on this and if an experienced expert want to mentor me.

I found that gpsbabel has a "google.c" module but I'm not sure what output it proceses.
To support the current API, what is the best? Updating google.c or creating a google_direction.c?

As an example, you can access data with:

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