Hello all,
I am seeking advise/recommendations as I am getting ready to purchase a GPS devise.  I am hoping I can get insight, recommendations, etc as readers will QUICKLY learn I'm a novice at this topic. 
My use case for the GPS are simple and apply to 2 activities, skiing and mtn biking.  The primary things I want a GPS unit to do include:
1- Track altitude gain/loss, total altitude for a given trip
2- Map my activities (ski runs taken, route for a bike ride, etc) on a GE (or other satellite type) map with the goal of sharing my adventures with others and tracking my activities against an actual image
The unit I am 99% sure I will be purchasing is a Suunto x9i GPS watch/computer. 
I realize this may not be as powerful/flexible as other units but I really need a wrist top mounted unit.
It appears that Suunto Trek Manager (.sdf files) will both read and write tracks and routes so I BELIEVE it will be sufficient for my needs from a capability standpoint. 
My questions are, given the info above:
1- Is there a recommended software/satellite image product I should use to map my adventures?  The Suunto does connect with GE but I would like to use better images (side view of ski runs rather than directly above..although I'll bet GE will provide that angle also...like i said, I'm new at this)
2- Is there any significant functionality I am missing, specific to mapping tracks/routes, using a lesser GPS product than Magellan, Garmin.
Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide.
Brett in Colorado

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