Some of this program stuff is way over me.
I am trying to convert a very large route with over 2,000 points (At least 300 are named, the remainder are sequentially numbered.) from Delorme 6.0 format (ext *.anr) to Garmin Mapsouce V6.10 format (ext *.gdb) using GPSBabel software.  I created the route in Delorme 6.0.
After many tries I finally made the conversion work.  Though all the data points were transferred to the new file (*.gdb) in Garmin Mapsource, the data points had new numbers assigned to them.  The old numbers were no longer associated with the data points and most importantly the 300 data point names did not transfer.
And to add insult to injury, I can not edit the new data point names.
Can someone help me out with this problem?  I do not quite comprehend the options and filter options within GPSBabel.  Is there something I should be doing?
Thank you,
Jay Pransky