On Sat, Jun 26, 2010 at 8:14 PM, Russell Strong <russell@strong.id.au> wrote:

I have found a problem decoding elevation and speed with decoding of height from
a Holux GPSport 245 logger.

.<                   hspd = data[i] + data[i+1]*0x100 + data[i+2]*0x10000 +
.>                   hspd = data[i] + data[i+1]*0x100 + data[i+2]*0x10000;

It does seem wrong that we have the factor in there twice.   I wonder if that is actually a four byte field and the last element should be data[i+3].

.<             if ((mtk_device != HOLUX_GR245) && (memcmp(&buf[i], "HOLUXGR245",
10) == 0)) {
.>             if ((mtk_device == HOLUX_GR245) && (memcmp(&buf[i], "HOLUXGR245",
10) == 0)) {

But the holux245_init() code that's about to be called is what sets mtk_device to HOLUX_GR245.  Oh, wait, we broke this test on 4/4 when we added the "USB processing" stuff.  How about we just drop that first clause completely?   Do we know that i is always less than ten bytes from the end of the buffer?  If not, perhaps all those memcmp in tha tloop should be strncmps.


Sorry I didn't report this before the 1.4 release.  After having trouble with
beta, I tried writing my own python decoder.  Not so easy, but I've just
finished it, which is where I found what was going on.


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