Hi, and thanx for the well-worded report.

On Fri, Aug 27, 2010 at 11:52 PM, Hans-Georg Michna <hans-georg@michna.com> wrote:
First of all, many thanks for providing GPSBabel, which, I
think, is an excellent and badly needed program. This software
problem report is a small contribution to the effort and shows
my appreciation.

----- Problem and solution -----

When translating to GPX format, in my case from GDB to GPX,
GPSBabel creates XML elements like <name>somename</name>. It
fails to make sure that the result is XML. For example, if the
name is:

       Xyz <hello>

then GPSBabel generates:

       <name>Xyz <hello></name>

Yeah, this is probably the most frequenly observed "oopsy" in 1.4.1.  It's actually fixed in the development tree. 

which is not XML.

The only solution, and a simple one too, is to generate this

       <name><![CDATA[Xyz <hello>]]></name>

It's a solution, but not the only one.   Post 1.4.2, it will look like:

bash-3.2$ echo "1,2,Xyx<hello>" | ./gpsbabel -i csv -f - -o kml -F - | grep hello