All that a Mac user, like myself, needs to do is change, temporarily or permanently, their security preference to allow downloads from an unidentified developer.  That doesn't address the issues you raised from the developer's perspective but a user can use the program nevertheless by making a simple preference change.

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On Oct 11, 2012, at 11:56 PM, Robert Lipe <> wrote:

Its an annoying situation.  I spent a few days investigating on Mountain Lion before I released this last version and gave up in disgust.  The ML upgrade hosed me in many other ways, distracting from the hours I'd budgeted for slaying Gatekeeper.

Apple Store is a non start for us.  Their license conflicts with ours.  GPL, the license we use, encourages sharing and requires that you not restrict those rights when sharing with others.  Apples store adds DRM to even free apps to make them difficult to share.  So that's dead; no apps including GPSBabel or any other GPL APS should be in the apple store.

There is allegedly a way to sign apps that show as trusted that will then install with the new gatekeeper default settings.  It looks like the price for not having Apple torment our mutual users is $99/year.  I do love several of ,y Apple products, but I can't decide if they hate their users or developers more.

Anyone that has worked through the signing process, especially outside if xcode and doubly so without the trust fee, that can help work a solution into our build system, please drop me a line.

On Oct 6, 2012 8:48 PM, "Greg" <> wrote:
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With Mountain Lion Apple checks if an app is from an "identified developer." If it's not identified the app won't launch without jumping through some hoops. The technology is named Gatekeeper. Quote from Apple:

Gatekeeper makes it safer to download apps by protecting you from inadvertently installing malicious software on your Mac. The safest place to download apps for your Mac is the Mac App Store. Apple reviews each app before it’s accepted by the store, and if there’s ever a problem with an app, Apple can quickly remove it from the store. When you download software from any other place on the Internet, Gatekeeper makes that safer, too. Developers can get a unique Developer ID from Apple and use it to digitally sign their apps. The Developer ID allows Gatekeeper to block apps created by malware developers and to verify that apps haven’t been tampered with. If an app was developed by an unknown developer — one with no Developer ID — Gatekeeper can keep your Mac safe by blocking the app from being installed.

Thanks for the great app.
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