It's not clear to me if that'd work, or if that section of the spec just uses different parlance
than the rest.

Note how the rest of the spec talks about "devices" and "hosts", while several of the A100x
protocols talk about "device1 to device2" with no mention of hosts.  Perhaps this is used for
sharing fitness data over ANT or something...

It seems unlikely that trying to represent map data as a workout will play out well, but I may
be overthinking it. 


On Mon, Apr 6, 2009 at 10:08 AM, Oleg Khudyakov <> wrote:
Robert Lipe wrote:
> The pertinent part from page 16 of Garmin's spec:
> *The A302 Track Log Transfer Protocol is used in fitness devices to
> transfer tracks from the device to the Host. The
> packet sequence for the protocol is identical to A301, except that the
> Host may only receive tracks from the device, and
> not send them.
> *
Uhhh... I suspect something like this.

However we still have anoter way to upload tracks into fitness devices.
I think if Garmin Traning Center not deals with tracks, but wuth courses, it
can use "Course Transfer Protocol" (A1006) for uploading tracks (or
Trainings in Garmin terminology) into the device.

How do you think is it difficult to write patch for uploading data via A1006
protocol ?

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