On Tue, Jul 29, 2008 at 10:52 AM, Gixerman <gixerman@msn.com> wrote:

I put together a little process list so I can in get the waypoints into my nuvi. I'll post it for anyone who wants to try it.


GPSBabel input >>>  microsoft streets and trips (pin/route reader)


GPSBabel <<< output  Garmin Mapsource - gdb   (ALL OPTIONS ON)


Select Streets 7 Trips EST file created from Streets&Trips


Convert (Let's Go)


Close GPSBabel


OPEN PoiEdit


Batch Convert


Select gdb file you created above, output to same area or folder


Source Format: Garmin Mapsource (*.gdb)


Destination Format : GPX eXchange Format (*.gpx)




Close PoiEdit


Open Garmin POI


import created file



You can probably optimize PoiEdit out of this process.  GPSBabel can create Garmin POI files directly.