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The only doc I found on developer.garmin.com was called the device interface sdk, unfortunately it was from 2006 and the only mention of Vista was a sidenote about version 2.12 of the software (my Vista is running

That seems about right.  They haven't introduced any *new* devices speaking Garmin protocol (the new ones are all file-based GPX models) in a long time.   The days of firmware version X and firmware version X+1 in the same model speaking different packet types for trackpoints seem to be behind us.

 Shame the pdf doesn't even _mention_ the screenshot function though :(

I said it wasn't documented. :-)

About the other gpsbabel formats, that's interesting, but not at all easy to find.  At least it confused me so much originally that I assumed gpsbabel couldn't do it.  It would be great if the list of formats included a one-line example, that way it would be much easier to spot which of the pagefuls of formats to experiment with.  I'll try the

I've considered that from time to time and  haven't ruled it out.  The reality, though, is that most users want "a file that works with [program]" and not "a file that contains the following fields".
About the screendumps yes I agree it doesn't fit too beautifully into gpsbabel, and I've no idea how much fun the integration would be, making it fit with the other functions.  And I have no clue how many models support such a

Most support it.  Garmin's 'ximage' page lists a couple dozen models.  We don't know how much variance there is in the protocols used across the line.   The fact that it's not documented means each  unit probably has to be tested and potentially reverse engineered individually, though my guess is that there is substantial "clumping" in the models, perhaps with variations for screen resolution and color depth, etc.