On Nov 22, 2007 4:50 PM, Neill Hogarth <Neill@hogarth.de> wrote:
Thank you Robert! You were absolutely correct.

That's why I get the best groupies. :-)

I don't understand what the problem was but that solved it :-)

Variations of this question have been answered in the Earth forums zillions of times since this feature was added.  It is documented:


The time sliders are very cool if you know what they're doing, but they have a default setting that is very inconvenient for GPS tracks.  They end up defaulting to obscure most of the data.




On 22/11/2007, Robert Lipe <robertlipe@gpsbabel.org> wrote:
Most likely it's because you have the time sliders set to preclude the display of your timestamped
data.   Either grab the right end of the bar and widen it or view->show time ->never.


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