On 7/24/07, threadhead <threadhead@gmail.com> wrote:
On 7/24/07, Bengt Bäverman <bengt.baverman@gmail.com> wrote:
> After having updated my MacBook with the latest patches to Max OS X v
> 10.4.10, GPSBabel+ 1.3.3a crashes without leaving any sort of trace.
> Any idea what can be wrong?

I just ran it under 10.4.10 and processed a LOC file to GPX and it
works fine. No crash.

My money says it behaves naughty when communicating with a Garmin USB device.
10.4.10 changed the way it handled bulk pipe stalls and hosed libusb which, in turn, hosed GPSBabel.

About a half dozen people reported this to the list just after 10.4.10 was released.  I published a beta
that contains what *I think* is a fix to the problem.  I published a beta  that asked specifically for
feedback on this.   The Mac .dmg has now been downloaded 786 times and I've even dropped a note to each of the original half dozen reporters asking if the beta returns joy to their lives.  Nobody has reported success OR failure with Garmin/USB (or much of anything else) on the beta, so I'll be darned if I know if it actually works for anyone but me or not.

So I'm left to figure that with >2,000 downloads and the absence of complaining, it must be a Good Thing and should ship it.    I'm also left to deduce that 1/3 of our users are Mac, six of them use USB Garmins (the most popular GPS on the planet) on the current version of Mac/OS and they all lost interest before the beta.  That's statistically  sound, right?