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I think this has got off the main focus of the forum and does not involve limitations, bugs or wish list items for GPSBabel. However, any remaining confusions are easily resolved.

Yes, you are right, the GPSMAP 60CSx does log tracks to an SD card. I use it a lot and quite like it to be as a GPX file and have never found there to be a limit of space with a 2 GB card even logging at 1 sec all day.

However, this track information is not accessible to the unit to trace back etc and the SD card is not accessible to the unit to save tracks from the menu. Track information on the unit is in the current tracklog or stored as saved tracks. There is a maximum of 20 saved tracks and a limitation on total points as well. I do not use saved tracks, as Garmin filters them rather heavily. That is the advantage of the SD card record - no extra filtering behind your back. You are worried about the SD card filling up but it is more likely that space allocated for tracks on the unit will fill up.

I can imagine why someone may wish to upload tracks to the unit (eg to traceback or check you are on the "right track") but am sure there are the same limitations on upload as there are on the recorded tracks and saved tracks in the unit. So the first person responding was also right (although they forgot an important "not") about the limitations and your result.


At 02:08 2009-01-26, Reg wrote:
From: JB Lewis <>

# Exactly.  The SD card is for POI and map storage only.
# JB
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------
# On Sat, Jan 24, 2009 at 8:19 PM, Bill Wohler <> wrote:
# > writes:
# >
# > > I tried to
# > > make tracks but I could only store 14 or so, which is
# strange to me
# > because i
# > > have a 2 gb sd card.

The SD card is _not_ for POI and map storage only.  Tracks can be
recorded there.

I've only had my 76CSx for a few days, but have been investigating it's
differences with my previous Garmins.

I understand that the 60CSx and 76CSx are identical electronically, so
what applies to one also applies to the other.

One of the first things I did was to activate the 'Log Track to Data
Card' option.

This automatically places track log files onto the microSD card.  A .gpx
file appears for every day, with the date as the filename.  I have been
able to download 3 files in mass storage mode.  They display correctly
in MapSource

This will continue (according to the manual) until the card is full.
Unfortunately Garmin use the bloated .gpx format, so reducing the amount
of data that can be saved.

Garmin UK support have told me on the telephone that 2 GB cards are the
maximum size that can be used.  However on the list, members report using larger


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