Just for the record  ;-)

I HAVE downloaded GPSBabel+ with the 1.3.4 beta

I HAVE a Garmin 60CS AND a brand new (arrived yesterday) Garmin 60CSx

I HAVE a PowerMac G5 2.7GHz dual processor running OS 10.4.10

I USE the USB cable (NOT a Keyspan USB-to-serial cable, which I also do I have)


drum roll...

...everything is working FINE with that setup. No crashes, no USB problems per se, things are hunky dory.

All I'm waiting for is Garmin to release their MapSource software in Mac OS X format as they PROMISED they would do by the end of LAST year. Other than that being my major hangup for map transfers, all things considered, I consider the GPSBabel+ with the 1.3.4beta version of gpsbabel a SUCCESS.

There, now you know...

Stan Glaser

On Jul 24, 2007, at 9:28 PM, Robert Lipe wrote:

On 7/24/07, threadhead <threadhead@gmail.com> wrote:
On 7/24/07, Bengt Bäverman <bengt.baverman@gmail.com> wrote:
> After having updated my MacBook with the latest patches to Max OS X v
> 10.4.10, GPSBabel+ 1.3.3a crashes without leaving any sort of trace.
> Any idea what can be wrong?

I just ran it under 10.4.10 and processed a LOC file to GPX and it
works fine. No crash.

My money says it behaves naughty when communicating with a Garmin USB device.
10.4.10 changed the way it handled bulk pipe stalls and hosed libusb which, in turn, hosed GPSBabel.

About a half dozen people reported this to the list just after 10.4.10 was released.  I published a beta
that contains what *I think* is a fix to the problem.  I published a beta  that asked specifically for
feedback on this.   The Mac .dmg has now been downloaded 786 times and I've even dropped a note to each of the original half dozen reporters asking if the beta returns joy to their lives.  Nobody has reported success OR failure with Garmin/USB (or much of anything else) on the beta, so I'll be darned if I know if it actually works for anyone but me or not.

So I'm left to figure that with >2,000 downloads and the absence of complaining, it must be a Good Thing and should ship it.    I'm also left to deduce that 1/3 of our users are Mac, six of them use USB Garmins (the most popular GPS on the planet) on the current version of Mac/OS and they all lost interest before the beta.  That's statistically  sound, right?

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