Dan, Josef,

It is a bug in detecting the field separator.  Josef has found a workaround but we will fix it.


On 6/12/2014 3:57 PM, Dan Yuknavage wrote:

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your response!

The program is from the installer on website. Before you get too involved in this project I have a reply from Josef Reisinger [datafabdriver@aol.com] already.

He found the same problem I have with version 1.5.1 but using version 1.4.4 it works fine.  Reformatting the input file with comma instead of tab works for 1.5.1 version.

Thanks again,

Dan the Yamaha guy


Josef’s response is below.


I tried your numbers below with 1.4.4 and 1.5.1. The only way I got the 1.5.1 to accept the numbers was to replace the tabs by  ',' (comma). Semicolon didn't work either.
In 1.4.4, the numbers works with tab as delimiter as well as comma and semicolon as delimiter - but nor with a single space.
Is it an option to use ',' instead of <tab>?




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Nice report.  I will see if I can reproduce it tonight.  Did you use the installer from gpsbabel.org or build from source?



On Thu, Jun 12, 2014 at 12:29 PM, Dan Yuknavage <Dan_Yuknavage@yamaha-motor.com> wrote:

Seeking help from those who know….


Some background information. Computer is running Windows 7. GPSBabel version is


GPSBabel 1.5.1

Copyright (C) 2009-2014 Robert Lipe

GUI designed and contributed by  S. Khai Mong

LGPL Crystal Icons by Elvarado Coehlo

(Using backend 1.5.1)

Installation ID: {8754d53d-111b-4776-927c-c78dfa155cb7}


Input file is Tab Separated Lat Lon in decimal degrees and WGS 84 datum and is attached. it looks like this

lat           lon

33.80477142       -118.017601

33.80477142       -118.0175934

33.80477142       -118.0175934

33.80477524       -118.0175858

33.80477905       -118.0175781

33.80478287       -118.0175705

33.80478668       -118.0175705

33.8047905          -118.0175629

33.80479813       -118.0175629

33.80480194       -118.0175552

33.80480576       -118.0175476

33.80480957       -118.0175476

33.80481339       -118.01754

33.8048172          -118.0175324

33.80482101       -118.0175247


The GUI is generating this command line

gpsbabel -t -i unicsv -f C:/Program Files (x86)/GPSBabel/TestTrackTimeLatLon.txt -o gpx -F C:/Program Files (x86)/GPSBabel/TestGPX.gpx


Getting the 'Translation successful' appearing in the GUI window.


The GPX output file looks like this

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<gpx version="1.0" creator="GPSBabel - http://www.gpsbabel.org" xmlns="http://www.topografix.com/GPX/1/0">


  <bounds minlat="-35.823252618" minlon="9999.000000000" maxlat="-35.770921327" maxlon="166666666666668106711040.000000000"/>



      <trkpt lat="-35.771731437" lon="166666666666668106711040.000000000"/>

      <trkpt lat="-35.771731310" lon="166666666666668106711040.000000000"/>

      <trkpt lat="-35.771731310" lon="166666666666668106711040.000000000"/>

      <trkpt lat="-35.771735003" lon="166666666666668106711040.000000000"/>

      <trkpt lat="-35.771738685" lon="166666666666668106711040.000000000"/>

      <trkpt lat="-35.771742378" lon="166666666666668106711040.000000000"/>

      <trkpt lat="-35.771746188" lon="166666666666668106711040.000000000"/>

      <trkpt lat="-35.771749882" lon="166666666666668106711040.000000000"/>

      <trkpt lat="-35.771757512" lon="166666666666668106711040.000000000"/>

      <trkpt lat="-35.771761193" lon="166666666666668106711040.000000000"/>

      <trkpt lat="-35.771764887" lon="166666666666668106711040.000000000"/>

      <trkpt lat="-35.771768697" lon="166666666666668106711040.000000000"/>

      <trkpt lat="-35.771772390" lon="166666666666668106711040.000000000"/>

      <trkpt lat="-35.771776073" lon="166666666666668106711040.000000000"/>

      <trkpt lat="-35.771779755" lon="166666666666668106711040.000000000"/>

      <trkpt lat="-35.771783448" lon="166666666666668106711040.000000000"/>


I'm not able to find any gross goofs in the input file and the command line looks OK. Anybody got a suggestion on how to get this working properly?


Dan Yuknavage

Yamaha USA

714 761-6118


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