Your kml file has multiple schema violations, but the core issue is
That file is not created using formal KML; it's using a Google
Earth-specific extensions to KML that we can't read, so it's effectively an
empty file for us.

On 5/28/2014 2:02 PM, Barry Bryan wrote:
KML file problem Attached is a KML file I've been sent.  It shows a track when viewed with Google Earth.  But when I use GPSBabel to convert to a GDB file I get  "translation successful" but an empty file .   When I save the track from Google Earth as a new KML file I get a completely different format, but the result is the same;  "translation successful" but an empty file.

The attached JPG is a picture of the GPSBabel run.

Would appreciate any suggestion about what I'm doing wrong.

Regards, Barry

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