The repackaged 0302 beta fails with Qt5Positioning.dll is missing. 

On 3/3/2014 9:59 AM, Robert Lipe wrote:
Maybe.  It should be a relatively unchanging list once the Qt4->Qt5 dust settles.  I've perhaps made it worse by actually doing more of the build on Windows itself with Qt's own compiler (which, strangely, uses a Mingw that's just different enough to cause some stress).  It's a shame that static linking of Qt is so strongly discouraged so we could just ship a big ole .exe and be done with this.

I've just added WebKitWidgets to the build.  I don't *think* we need OpenGL - especially after tsteven's list above - but I couldn't be shocked if WebKit needs to pull it in.  I'm hoping that OpenGL and the crash are artificats of a version mismatch when you pulled a random Qt5WebKitWidgets.

msvcrt and kernel32.dll are the only things on your list now that aren't in \program files\GPSBabel and they appear to be system libs; mine are in \windows\system32.

I just respun the 0302 Windows build (not even recompiling anything; just adding that file and recreating the installer) and put it on the download server.

This will only hurt for a little while longer...I hope.


On Mon Mar 03 2014 at 8:23:18 AM, tsteven4 <> wrote:
Perhaps we should dynamically figure out which Qt libraries are needed
like we do with the occasionally disparaged  There
should be an appropriate version of objdump in the mingw install.

This is with gpsbabelfe.exe from the 0302 beta:
> [tsteven4@jenny gui]$ i686-w64-mingw32-objdump -p /tmp/gpsbabelfe.exe
> | grep DLL
>  vma:            Hint    Time      Forward  DLL       First
>         DLL Name: Qt5Core.dll
>         DLL Name: Qt5Gui.dll
>         DLL Name: Qt5Network.dll
>         DLL Name: Qt5WebKitWidgets.dll
>         DLL Name: Qt5Widgets.dll
>         DLL Name: Qt5Xml.dll
>         DLL Name: KERNEL32.dll
>         DLL Name: msvcrt.dll
>         DLL Name: msvcrt.dll
>         DLL Name: libwinpthread-1.dll
>         DLL Name: libstdc++-6.dll

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