I am looking for the best software/export/translation path for a small local development I am working on for a friend.

We need to allow uploads to a website of all types of GPS data for local mountain bike and hiking trails and want to be able to just download the data and create maps and altitude profiles for the different trails. And then also allow downloading of these profiles in several formats for our members/friends to take on their trips in their own GPS units.

We currently have NG TOPO but I am finding that the import/export features are very poor. By reading some posts from this list I see that GPX XML seems to be the best standard format and that with the use of GPSBabel we could translate many uploaded formats to this for re-sharing of these routes. Question is, what mapping software is best for creating maps and profiles and allows us to import and export the easiest.

Sorry if some of these questions are wide open, I am a newbee on this subject and just trying to get a handle on the best methods for this stuff.

Thanks in advance for any help.

-Paul Fowler