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version 1.4.3 is released

gprolog 1.4.3 has just been released (see

This version fixes bugs in the FD solver, other little bugs, extend the C foreign interface (can be now processed by gluegen), works under Windows 8, add flags,...

Here are the changes w.r.t 1.4.2:

  • add new C foreign interface functions converting term to/from C strings
  • modify top-level banner to show 32/64 bits, compile date, C compiler name
  • modify Linedit: fix Prolog prompt when Linedit is not activated
  • modify linedit: accept gui=silent in env var LINEDIT
    (does not warn if the windows gui DLL is not found)
  • fixes for Windows 8 (i686 and x86_64) with MSVS 2012, mingw64 gcc > 4.5.3
  • add Prolog flags address_bits, compiled_at, c_cc, c_cflags, c_ldflags
  • fix a bug in the FD solver (option backtracks in fd_labeling)
  • improve the FD solver (better propagation for reified constraints at labeling)
  • improve the FD solver (add labeling option: value_method(bisect))
  • improve the FD solver (avoid some cases of C stack overflow, improved fd_domain/3)
  • fix a bug in the FD solver (regression bug in 1.4.2)
  • add PlULong to gprolog.h and PlThrow(ball) to C foreign interface... read more
Posted by Daniel Diaz 2013-04-03

New Release 1.2.3

There are some new ports available: IRIX/mips and Linux/alpha.
The alpha port includes some optional code inlining which improves execution speed. Have a look at it in the file: src/Ma2Asm/alpha_any.c and feel free to experiment with it or even try some similar approach on your favourite platform.


Posted by alexander diemand 2000-10-06

Welcome GProlog developers

To ease the joint effort in developing a GNU Prolog system, we have opened this CVS archive for the GNU Prolog system.
May this result in a boost!
Thanks to all who commit their bugfixes, enhancements and great works.

Posted by alexander diemand 2000-08-14