Hi, $1 and $2 (which is called backreference in regular expressions) never worked. Or should I say, I've never been able to make it work.

If you go into Help -> Contents, there's a note saying :
 "Backreferences with Regular expression cannot be use as $1 is considered a Perl variable."

There's probably a way to make it work, if you find it, tell us ;-)

Still you can always achieve your desired results by renaming 2 times instead. Or for a simple backreference regex, maybe just do it in a command line.

On Tue, Feb 7, 2012 at 6:34 AM, Gabor Pinter <andzsinszan@gmail.com> wrote:
Very nice program, I use it a lot.
Here is my question: is it possible to I capture groups?
Something like:
AAA_bbb   -> bbb_AAA
/  (.*) _ (.*) /  $2 $1 /        # extra spaces added for readability

Even if I check regexes I the replacement interpreted literally.
(I guess special characters are escaped during runtime).

Any ideas?

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