1. To rename a file manually is a good idea and it's in the README file in the changelog section.
2. Same thing for the Date column (or creation date)
3. Insert string at a specific position is a good idea, I'll include it in the changelog.

So everything is the in README file but I won't implement it. GPRename is coded in GTK2-Perl,
it's pretty good, but I hate the documentation and it is not cross-platform, I've been thinking of
starting from scratch, probably in wxPython, it seems promising, I just don't know when I'll
be able to release a first version.

Just for fun, I just saw that there's already another renamer in wxPython which is called Métamorphose,
works on all OS and has a million features, but the interface is quite complex.


Prompted by R's wishlist -- which I also would find useful -- I would like to request the ability to sort the files displayed by date/time (especially by creation time).

The use case for this is that I sometimes download several series of images which are all named, say, 1 through 25. If there are more than a handful of such 1-25 sequenced image sets, then GPRename becomes almost useless in terms of sorting for that situation. The good news is that each set will differ slightly in time of creation, with each set being grouped together in time.

While it is easy to insert the '0' in front of '1-9' (why oh why are people so stupid about leading zero when naming filesets??!!), it is not currently possible to find out which 12 goes with which 13, or which 07 with which 08, etc, when there might be thirty 12's, 13's, 07's, and 08's.

What I usually do is use a viewer to manually create a bunch of temp directories, marking 1-25 for each set in the viewer and moving that set to one of the temp directories, marking/moving the next set to another temp directory, and so on. Only once this is done can I use GPRename to create a descriptive name for each set, and then these are generally moved back into the original directory into which they were downloaded.

Thanks again for this application, which I continue to use nearly every day ;-)


Hello Zurd,

If have a few things for the wishlist:

1) possibility to rename a file manually

2) For the "Numerical" option, a third option:

insert numerical string on position X



Insert numerical value at position 6:



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