Hi Guraknugen, I'm sorry I missed your e-mail that you sent on march 21,
I probably deleted as I thought it was spam, but today I was cleaning up
the e-mail archive (deleting spam) and I found your e-mail.

I tried as much to replicate the problem but I just can't, every time I rename
pictures, when I go back to nautilus it re-display all the thumbnails just fine.

But if you still have the problem with Ubuntu 9.04 and GPRename 2.6.3,
try to tell me more in details exactly what you are doing and I'll try to replicate
it again. I don't think this is a problem with GPRename but I'm not fully sure.


> When renaming pictures, the wrong thumbnails are sometimes shown for some
> of the pictures.
> Here's one example:

> We have a folder with a lot of pictures. They are named like Ab001.jpg,
> Ab002.jpg until, let's say Ab579.jpg.
> We remove a couple of them, let's say Ab004.jpg and some more.
> We rename them again, this time the names will be something like Ab001.jpg
> until Ab573.jpg.

> Now have a look at their thumbnails in Nautilus. Strange enough we can now
> see that some of the pictures share the same thumbnail. Open both of them
> and you'll see that one of the pictures just show the wrong thumbnail.

> This is not a good thing, because if I delete pictures by just looking at
> their thumbnails, I might delete pictures that I want to keep.

> The temporary solution is of course to delete the folder @HOME/.thumbnails
> after every renaming procedure like this one, but GPRename could do that
> for us, couldn't it? Or make sure that the thumbnails are changed properly
> in the first place.

> Maybe this is not a GPRename bug, but in that case, where to file the bug
> report? To the Gnome team? Nautilus? Is there a special thumbnail team?

> Oh, and I use GPRename 2.5 with Ubuntu 8.10 (Gnome 2.24.1).

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