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Gpredict 1.3 released

Gpredict 1.3 is now available for download from:

Changes in version 1.3:
- Feature request 2873824: Flip Passes.
- Feature Request 3022617: Malaysia's location.
- Automatically refresh the Sky at a glance view every minute.
- Added more checks with hamlib communications.
- List satellite as available or selected when configuring module.
- Fixed bug 2116691: Leave network connection open.
- Fixed bug 3099314: Rotator Thrashing.
- Fixed bug 2167508: problems in rotator controller.
- Fixed bug from Ubuntu #706452: Update from local files won't work with files in UPPER case
- Fixed bug 3171615: Searching for satellites in the satellite selector
- Fixed bug 3113190: .desktop file error
- Address bug 2945538: Pass in polar display going outside the circle... read more

Posted by Alexandru Csete 2011-03-02

Gpredict 1.2 released


After one year of development, bug fixing and testing we have decided that it was time to make a new release of Gpredict. This release features several new features such as the rewritten layout engine as well as lots of bug fixes.

The new layout engine allows any combination of views to be created in a NxM grid, see an example screenshot: read more

Posted by Alexandru Csete 2010-10-12

Gpredict 1.0 beta 5

We are now ready with a new beta release of Gpredict that fixes some minor bugs in the radio controller.

The significant changes in this release:

- Fixed some bugs that caused the Doppler shift to be calculated incorrectly in some cases.
- Fixed a bug that could cause the transponder frequency to "drift" away from the set frequencies.
- Added new transponder files received from David VK5DG.
- Minor enhancements in the user manual.... read more

Posted by Alexandru Csete 2009-05-29

Gpredict 1.0 beta 4


A serious bug was discovered in Gpredict 1.0 beta 3 concerning the
Doppler tuning with full-duplex radios and this release fixes it.
Thanks to Tom DL1JBE for pointing it out!

You can get the new release from:


Posted by Alexandru Csete 2009-05-15

Gpredict 1.0 beta 3 released


Gpredict 1.0 beta 3 has been released. This release includes an
implementation of Doppler tuning for full-duplex radios and a fix for
a bug that caused long latencies when opening or reconfiguring
modules. The user manual has been updated to be consistent with the
new Doppler tuning scheme.

Note that if you are already using gpredict with a full duplex capable
radio (e.g. IC-910, FT-847, TS-2000) you will have to review the
configuration to ensure that the MAIN/SUB or A/B settings are correct,
i.e. which one to use for uplink and which one to use for downlink.... read more

Posted by Alexandru Csete 2009-05-11

Gpredict: 1.0 beta 2 released

Gpredict is a real-time satellite tracking and orbit prediction application. Gpredict can track an unlimited number of satellites and display the data in tables and various graphical view.

Gpredict 1.0 beta 2 is now available for download. This release fixes several bugs identified in the beta 1 release and adds improved radio control algorithm, which now also supports uplink tuning with transceivers in simplex mode or duplex mode when using two different radios. Note that the radio control algorithm is likely to change again for the next release when introducing support for full duplex transceivers.... read more

Posted by Alexandru Csete 2009-04-15

Gpredict Updates


Few days ago I have posted some updates about Gpredcit in the Developer Blog, see

I short, stay tuned for 1.0 beta 2 in a few weeks!


Posted by Alexandru Csete 2009-03-26

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