Gpredict 1.3 released

Gpredict 1.3 is now available for download from:

Changes in version 1.3:
- Feature request 2873824: Flip Passes.
- Feature Request 3022617: Malaysia's location.
- Automatically refresh the Sky at a glance view every minute.
- Added more checks with hamlib communications.
- List satellite as available or selected when configuring module.
- Fixed bug 2116691: Leave network connection open.
- Fixed bug 3099314: Rotator Thrashing.
- Fixed bug 2167508: problems in rotator controller.
- Fixed bug from Ubuntu #706452: Update from local files won't work with files in UPPER case
- Fixed bug 3171615: Searching for satellites in the satellite selector
- Fixed bug 3113190: .desktop file error
- Address bug 2945538: Pass in polar display going outside the circle


Posted by Alexandru Csete 2011-03-02

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