Firefox 4.0 Support

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2010-09-23


    Just wondering if there are plans to support 4.0. Betas are rolling now, and a couple people have asked.


  • killerxcana

    killerxcana - 2010-09-24

    I will support 4.0.
    I just need some time to work on it.
    I don't think it'lll be too much work, even if there are lots of changes in 4.0

  • rob lake

    rob lake - 2011-09-01

    Sure would love to see support for newer versions.  I have only been able to confirm proper installation of GPO for Firefox in 3.6.10.  I learned about this product from in the Firefox 5.x Package Notes…someone commented that it was supported in Firefox 5…I had not luck.  Have also tried 4.0.1.  Am I missing something?


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