GPlates 0.9 released (initial public release)

GPlates is an interactive plate-tectonics visualisation program. GPlates 0.9 is the first public release, after almost five years of development at the University of Sydney, the California Institute of Technology and the Norwegian Geological Survey. For more information on GPlates, visit:

This release includes the ability to load PLATES4 line-format files, PLATES4 rotation files and ESRI Shapefiles. If a rotation file is loaded, geological features can be reconstructed through geological time. Features may be queried by clicking upon their displayed geometries.

GPlates 0.9 compiles and runs on Linux and Windows XP. (Support for MacOS X will follow in the first half of 2008.) GPlates 0.9 requires Qt 4.2 or above. Future releases of GPlates will require Qt 4.3 or above.

A GPlates-compatible global coastline file and a rotation file may be downloaded from the EarthByte Project "Resources" page:

Please be aware that this is an "alpha" release, and thus is not intended for everyday use. No pre-compiled binaries are available and we cannot offer any support. That said, we welcome any contributions or feedback from the community!

Posted by James Boyden 2007-12-23

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