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release 0.6.1

Bugfixes for loading images and temporarly storing/retrieving data when using MPI-paralellized gpiv. Some improvements in the

Posted by Gerber van der Graaf 2009-05-19

release 0.6.0

The software has been parallellized for memory-shared CPU systems, using OMP and memory-distributed CPU systems (Beowulf clusters) using MPI.

Posted by Gerber van der Graaf 2008-10-27

release 0.5.0

Libgpiv has undergone a Kafka revision: simplification, reduction and a more uniform library interface (API). In the hope that it will be easier to learn Libgpiv for developing your own applications and for wrapping the library to other languages. The changes include:
* New structure for images. Structures for PIV data and scalar data have been improved and extended.
* Many functions have been revised and some memory leaks have been disabled.
* The fftw3 library is used now for performing FT operations.
* Documentation of the API, generated with Doxygen, is included in the package and can also be found on this site.
* Of course, Gpivtools and Gpiv have been adapted to the new Libgpiv API.... read more

Posted by Gerber van der Graaf 2007-12-21

Release 0.4.0

Additional to raw binary (.r/.h) and hdf (.gpi) (gray) image formats, added support for png, tif, gif, pgm and bmp. Removed settings for image dimensions allows to load images of arbitrary dimensions during a single session. Improved buffer display: added menubar, rulers, zooming / paning with scrollbutton and pointer, anti-aliased canvas.

Added automatic stretching of buffer display.
Apply broadcast display preferences to all buffers.... read more

Posted by Gerber van der Graaf 2007-01-29

release 0.3.0

After almost one year a new release of the Gpiv c.s. project has been issued. The main changes in the software are:

- Advanced interrogation technique by applying image deformation. This reduces drasticly peaklocking effects resulting into higher spatial resolution and accuracy.

- Cumulative residus (representing the sum of differences between PIV estimators of the current and the previous iteration) used as convergence criterium for iterative interrogation procedures.... read more

Posted by Gerber van der Graaf 2006-02-11

Release announcement

* The software has been extended with Data Acquision (DAC), i.e. the triggering of lasers with a camera and the recording of PIV images from an experiment.

# Adaptive grid if zero offsetting and adapative dimensions of the Interrogation Area's (I.A) has been improved by (bi-) linear interpolation of the estimators from a previous interrogation at a courser grid..

Posted by Gerber van der Graaf 2005-03-03

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