johan carlier - 2010-10-29

Dear Bernd,

My python script works to perform PIV analyse with your module pygpiv.
Nevertheless, I do not know how to get everything in a GpivPivData structure.
In the following exemple, I can get nx, ny and nz but dx doesn't work…

could you help me?



from _pygpiv import *

parfile = "/data1/carlier/jetplan/prog03/gpivrc"
print parfile

verbose = TRUE
piv_par = gpiv_piv_get_parameters_from_resources(parfile, verbose)
valid_par = gpiv_valid_get_parameters_from_resources(parfile, verbose)
post_par = gpiv_post_get_parameters_from_resources(parfile, verbose)

infile  = "xac.png"
outfile = "xac.piv"

image   = gpiv_fread_image(infile)
piv_data= gpiv_piv_interrogate_img(image, piv_par, valid_par, verbose)
gpiv_fwrite_pivdata(outfile, piv_data, verbose)
nx = GpivPivData_nx_get(piv_data)
ny = GpivPivData_ny_get(piv_data)
nz = GpivPivData_nz_get(piv_data)

dx = GpivPivData_point_x_ij_get(piv_data, i, j)

print nx,ny,nz

print dx

I need to get everything in GpivPivData structure