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GPIB-Tcl in the news

The GPIB-Tcl project provides a way for developers using the Tcl programming language to control their measurement instruments through the industry-standard IEEE-488 bus (GPIB). The August 2003 issue of Test and Measurement World contains an article on controlling test equipment with GPIB-Tcl. See the full text at read more

Posted by Ian Dees 2003-08-06

gpib-tcl 2.3: flexible control, new Win32 & Linux builds

The new v2.3 Linux and Win32 builds of the GPIB-Tcl package now allow more flexible control of your IEEE-488 instruments through serial polls and service requests in addition to the high-level message-based functions.

Posted by Ian Dees 2002-07-29

gpib-tcl binaries now available for Linux and Win32

Thanks to the help of fellow SourceForge developer iondiode, RPMs of gpib-tcl are now available, in addition to the good ol' Win32 binaries.

See for more information.

Posted by Ian Dees 2001-07-12

Project Update 4 June 2001

Version 1.2 is out. The only functionality difference is a minor memory leak fix. One buffer wasn't being deallocated at the end of the program, but it's all better now. I've also cleaned up the source code and added more comments.

Posted by Ian Dees 2001-06-04

Project Update 2 April 2001

At long last, GPIB-Tcl has better documentation. A complete description of all commands and options is included with the distribution, or available online <a href="">here</a>. Thanks to everyone who sent feedback requesting this information: it was your requests that prompted me to quit procrastinating and provide some documentation!

Posted by Ian Dees 2001-04-02