#959 Nikon D600 + Wu-1b fails to live view



With a Nikon D600 + Wu-1b, live view fails. While it works in USB:
gphoto2 --port ptip: --capture-preview # hang-up, and the camera timeout
gphoto2 --port usb:253,003 --capture-preview # works

I did a bit of investigation. It hangs in the call to ptp_nikon_start_liveview in ptp2/library.c line 2127.

Using tcpdump to check the traffic, it turns out that the command for ptp_nikon_start_liveview is correctly send (and I can hear that the camera starts to do liveview), but for some reason the camera never send a reply.

Since it works in the android application, I also did a tcpdump between android and the wu-1b to do a comparison. And the difference I noticed is that Nikon in the android application does not set PTP_DPC_NIKON_RecordingMedia prior to enabling the liveview. So I tried to comment l2124-2126 in library.c:

// ret = ptp_setdevicepropvalue (params, PTP_DPC_NIKON_RecordingMedia, &value, PTP_DTC_UINT8);
// if (ret != PTP_RC_OK)
// gp_log (GP_LOG_DEBUG, "ptp2/nikon_preview", "set recordingmedia to 1 failed with 0x%04x", ret);

And then live view started to work with wu-1b device.


  • Marcus Meissner

    Marcus Meissner - 2014-08-17
    • assigned_to: Marcus Meissner
  • Marcus Meissner

    Marcus Meissner - 2014-08-17

    weird. i have to check with a camera and the wu-1b i bought some weeks ago :/


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