#943 set-config output not working in command line


Hi everyone,
first, apologize about my english and thanks in advance.

I'm trying to set the value of /main/settings/output to 2 (LiveView) in canon1100D.

With gphoto2 --get-config /main/settings/output I getting:

root@raspberrypi:/photocall/bin# gphoto2 --get-config /main/settings/output
Label: Camera Output
Current: Unknown value 0000
Choice: 0 TFT
Choice: 1 PC
Choice: 2 TFT + PC
Choice: 3 Unknown value 0004
Choice: 4 Unknown value 0005
Choice: 5 Unknown value 0006
Choice: 6 Unknown value 0007
Choice: 7 Unknown value 0000

When I try to set the value, I'm using this command:
gphoto2 --set-config /main/settings/output=2
But nothing happens, and the value still the sameCurrent: Unknown value 0000

looking for gphoto2 command line option I found "gphoto2 --shell", that open a new enviroment ( a new shell) whith a few commands like set-config, and this work fine for me. I don't understand why not work with the command line. I need the first option (command line) for include it in a script program.

Thanks a lot


  • Marcus Meissner

    Marcus Meissner - 2013-05-12
    • assigned_to: Marcus Meissner
  • Marcus Meissner

    Marcus Meissner - 2013-05-12

    probably goes back to the original value once gphoto is left as we reinitialize the capture control mode on starting it new


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