vs2005+gpac-0.4.5, building no libgpac.dll

  • Bruce Zhang

    Bruce Zhang - 2009-07-05


    After building libgpac_dll project, only get libgpac_static.lib(18072KB) in *\gpac\bin\w32_deb_vc8   directory.  no libgpac.lib in msvc8\obj\libgpac_dll_deb . And there is no libgpac.dll in  w32_deb_vc8   .

       I do not know why.    I've tried to change every project's dependency to link libgpac_static.lib instead of libgpac.lib(the dynamic link version), I can get a Osmo4.exe. But when I run Osmo4.exe, it will crash.

        Some one help me ???  Thanks!            

    • Romain Bouqueau

      Romain Bouqueau - 2009-07-08

      Hi izncu,

      I've reproduced your problem regarding the generation of libgpac.dll and you're right.

      To build the dll, you have to right-click on its project and choose "link only".

      I'll have a closer look to this issue in a near future.


    • Romain Bouqueau

      Romain Bouqueau - 2009-07-09

      I've just commited a workaround. Tell me if you still have problems.


    • Bruce Zhang

      Bruce Zhang - 2009-07-11

      Hi Romain :

           I can get it now, Thanks!