#258 remuxing files created by Adobe's f4vpp post-processing tool



there seems to be an issue with the way mp4box is coping with mp4 files created by the f4vpp tool. This tool is defragmenting files saved by Flash Media Encoder but even after the post-processing phase, the files are not playable in all the players I need them to (the f4v major brand the files are saved with is not the culprit). This is where I wanted to use mp4box and remux the files since remuxing proved to fix the files and make them playable.

Using the following command lines on Win 7 64 and tested with mp4box 0.4.6 and 0.5.1 DEV rev 4174 :

'mp4box -inter 500 file.mp4' just crashes the program.
'mp4box -add file.mp4 -new remuxed.mp4' on the other hand usually works fine unless the file contains incorrectly ordered timestamps (at least that is what I deduct from what ffmpeg reports on such file), in that case remuxing fails when video track is being read with error message "Bad parameter".

In both cases mp4box warns about multiple boxes containing extra bytes (most likely related to skip boxes consisting of zero bytes).

In order to circumvent these problems, I have to use ffmpeg first to "correct" the file and only then feed the result to mp4box to move metadata to the beginning of the file, this is mandatory as the files are then used in progressive streaming and ffmpeg's implementation of doing this is not great. I would like to get rid of the ffmpeg phase and have only mp4box to do the job but due to the described problems I can't at this time. Can something be done about this please?

Thanks in advance,
Tomas Bucher

These are the files that can be used for issue replication:
http://s1c2.mediaserver.mobi/tom/sample.mp4 (works only with the second command line) 8MB
http://s1c2.mediaserver.mobi/tom/badtimestamps.mp4 (does not work at all) 220 MB


  • Jean Le Feuvre

    Jean Le Feuvre - 2012-10-03
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Jean Le Feuvre

    Jean Le Feuvre - 2012-10-03

    There was indeed a bug with these files, now fixed on SVN


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