#243 parameter -out doesn't work


MP4Box -splitx 1:20 sample1.mp4 -out out.mp4
Creates an output file: sample1_1_20.mp4 instead of out.mp4

MP4Box - GPAC version 0.4.6-DEV-rev3751M
GPAC Copyright: (c) Jean Le Feuvre 2000-2005
(c) ENST 2005-200X


  • Romain Bouqueau

    Romain Bouqueau - 2011-11-23

    The help of MP4Box specifies the '-out' option prevents from overwriting the input file ("By default input (MP4,3GP) file is overwritten"). For splitx the help says it "extracts a new file" so '-out' is not relevant here.

    I understand it may seem counter-intuitive. However MP4Box has to deal with many options including '-split' which output several files at once. What would be the meaning of '-out' in this case? A radical? Don't forget MP4Box currently allows to have '-add' (which overwrites and therefore may require '-out') and '-splitx' on the same command-line.

    I let you think about it. If you feel we need to rephrase the help or want to propose a new behaviour, any proposition is welcome.


  • Jean Le Feuvre

    Jean Le Feuvre - 2012-03-05
    • status: open --> closed

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