• joshid

    joshid - 2005-02-08

    I'd just download last version of propaganda and run it on gp32 and I falled in love of gp32linux. I develop for several years in many langs but never coded an OS. I downloaded some docs about gp32 arch and I'm now trying to download last CVS src of your code. I'd like to help on anything you want to. Any orders, boss?

    • cyberic

      cyberic - 2005-02-08


      It is great to have new fans!

      I am not the 'boss' (this is Toholl), but one of the co developers. Ingeras and me are concentrating our efforts on porting applications, we do not really work on the kernel.

      GP32Linux is already able to do some great things, as run a webserver with wifi/network access, has mass storage andframe buffer support...

      We are trying to port some basic applications, like audio/video players, agendas, etc...

      Please read the threads on, in the GPLinux forums, to be updated about last progresses.

      See you in the forums!



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